Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Power of Sausage

Hallo everyone...check out this vonderful story I discovered while cruising the the public urinals internets today:

Apparently a New Zealander, overcome by his lust for sausage (sorry, my inner Freud simply could not resist) purchased a Lotto ticket and became fabulously wealthy beyond his wildest expectations. Which, considering New Zealand is a pitiful country when compared to the Fatherland, weren't much. But whatever, blitzkrieging on...

But you do understand ya?! The power of sausage is absolutely irrefutable! Now you know why I put it in my BEER! Imagine the middle-earth-moola this Kiwi could've earned had he power-downed one of my signature SausageSteins (see video).

The power of beer and sausage komming together, combined with mindless capitalist excess, surely would've led to even greater success. With his winnings he could rule more than just his local Auckland pub, he could rule from Gandor to Endor and all lands inbetween.

Perhaps then, Beer and Sausage together is ze ticket out of this global economic meltdown. So I will continue to cry into my beer as I nibble on the remaining sausage bits still left floating around.

Times are hard, but luckily for me, so are ze German people.

-Herr Gustav

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